Nude AI: TOP 1 AI DeepNude APP

Nude AI is the pinnacle of AI-driven image transformation technology. With a foundation built on over a million images and 4320 hours of AI training, it promises an unparalleled experience in image processing.

Nude AI is an AI-infused application that can adeptly transform standard images to simulate a “nude” effect. This cutting-edge technology has evolved significantly and is now celebrated for its enhanced image quality.

In this article, we’ll introduce best 5 Nude AI Tools for you to try.

What is Nude AI?

Nude AI is an AI-powered tool designed to ingeniously transform standard photographs, creating a simulated “nude” effect. But it’s more than just its primary function. The technology encapsulates years of research, development, and refinement, especially when juxtaposed with its predecessor, DeepNude AI (2018). Nude AI isn’t just about nudity; it’s about the precision, the quality, and the technological prowess it brings to the table. With a vast training set and extensive AI training hours, it evaluates images, ensuring optimal transformations while maintaining the integrity of the original photo. As AI continues to evolve, Nude AI stands as a testament to the potential and capabilities of machine learning in the realm of image processing.

Nude AI Key Features

  • Trained on over 1 million images.
  • 4320 hours of dedicated AI training.
  • Ability to deliver raw, unedited results.
  • Continuous updates, with the latest being the V2 release.

How does Nude AI Work?

While the intricate workings of Nude AI remain proprietary, its foundation lies in a vast training set and extensive AI training hours. The AI evaluates the source image’s quality and determines the optimal transformation. If an unsatisfactory source image is detected, the AI refunds the credit within minutes.

5 Best Nude AI Tools 2024

Name Rating Pricing Features
Promptchan AI
Customizable AI images, Large community
Supports anime and photorealistic styles
AI cloth remover, Supports Android and iOS
Supports various image formats
Advanced face-swapping, AI video generator

1. Promptchan AI: Unleashing Unlimited Creativity

Promptchan AI is a cutting-edge platform specializing in the generation of NSFW (Not Safe For Work) AI images and videos, including anime, artistic, and realistic styles. It is heralded as the best free unrestricted NSFW AI Image Generator, allowing users to explore and create uncensored AI content online. The platform offers a variety of features, including the ability to generate AI girls, characters, edit AI images, clone AI art, and pose AI characters in any desired manner. Users can choose from a wide selection of AI styles to create realistic, AI anime, or artistic AI images in private mode, ensuring enhanced privacy.

  • Pros:
    • Unlimited creative possibilities
    • Offers a free entry point
    • Suitable for both beginners and experienced creators
    • Customization and fine-tuning of images
  • Cons:
    • Not suitable for all audiences
    • Might raise occasional inconsistencies
  • Best For: Digital artists, enthusiasts, and designers.

2. Soulgen: Crafting Lifelike Anime and Real Images

Soulgen is an innovative AI tool designed to create stunning art of real girls from text prompts, offering users the ability to generate custom AI characters with ease. According to its official website, Soulgen positions itself as a “Free AI Magic Tool” that transforms your dream characters into reality, allowing for customization in appearance, including making characters resemble someone specific through uploaded reference photos. It also features capabilities for editing and expanding images beyond their original borders, promising an unlimited creative experience.

  • Pros:
    • High-quality images
    • Simple interface
    • Supports both anime and photorealistic styles
  • Cons:
    • Requires a premium plan for unlimited access
  • Best For: Anime enthusiasts and artists looking for high-quality outputs.

3. Transforming Images with a Touch presents itself as a user-friendly and intuitive platform, claiming to be the first of its kind in offering deepnude generation services. It emphasizes safety and anonymity, stating that no user data is saved and actions remain confidential. The service offers various subscription plans, catering to different levels of quality and speed in image processing.

  • Pros:
    • Capable of generating nudes from ordinary images
    • Provides 10 free attempts
    • Supports both Android and iOS
  • Cons:
    • Images can sometimes be inaccurate
    • Varying image quality
  • Best For: Casual users looking for fun and entertainment.

4. Deepnude App: A Glimpse into the Bare Reality

The DeepNude app, a controversial piece of software, leverages artificial intelligence to generate realistic nude images of women from photos where they are clothed. Initially available with a premium version, the app sparked widespread controversy due to its potential for misuse, including shaming, harassment, and the non-consensual distribution of fake nude images. This led to significant ethical concerns and discussions about privacy and consent.

  • Pros:
    • Supports various image formats
    • No ad interference
    • Generates nude images from original photos
  • Cons:
    • Not always accurate
    • Can face functionality issues
  • Best For: Individuals seeking a fun and unique experience.

5. Deepswap: Beyond Face Swapping

Deepswap is an innovative online platform offering a suite of face, photo, and video editing tools powered by advanced AI technology. It enables users to effortlessly enhance, transform, and beautify their visuals, providing professional-grade editing features for creating high-quality face editor videos, including movie role-play videos with shockingly realistic results. Deepswap’s AI-powered seamless quality allows for compelling face edits in photos, creating brand new refacing ID photos, wedding photos, traveling photos, and more, with barely noticeable alterations. It also offers a funniest meme and GIF editor, enabling the creation of trending memes and significant traffic on social platforms. Deepswap stands out for its web-based, data-safe environment, ensuring no data collection and protecting users’ personal information and content.

  • Pros:
    • High-quality results
    • Fast image generation
    • Contains both anime and real art styles
  • Cons:
    • Primary focus is on the FaceSwap feature
  • Best For: Users looking for a versatile tool for deep fakes and AI-generated images.


Nude AI boasts a vast training set and extensive AI training hours, ensuring unparalleled image transformation quality.

While its primary function is to simulate a “nude” effect, the technology is a showcase of advanced image processing capabilities.

Yes, there are concerns about objectification, privacy, and potential misuse. Users are advised to use the application responsibly.

Nude AI prioritizes user privacy. Images processed are not stored on their servers, ensuring user data remains confidential.

Yes, the core algorithm is available on platforms like Github, making it accessible for researchers and enthusiasts to explore its technical aspects.

While there were initial versions available, due to various concerns, the mobile app was removed from official app stores. However, the online version remains accessible.